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A New Dimension


An arts-science project exploring Alzheimer's and dementia



  • Detangling the Knots online performance by Barbara Touati-Evans and Susan Merrick, with music from Akira Sileas, aired live on 12th March as part of Southampton Science Festival 2021, is now available to view here.


Welcome to Detangling The Knots / A New Dimension: Inspired by the notion of tangles, protein tangles found in the brain of Alzheimer's disease patients but also wool knots created in crochet, the project is an exploration of dementia and Alzheimer's in different contexts, in the research laboratories of neuroscientists and in people who have been diagnosed with it.

We conducted the early phases of the project: a residency in the neuroscience labs at the University of Southampton in Autumn 2019 followed by workshops with people diagnosed with dementia in Winter/Spring 2020. As we were getting ready for the last exhibition/public engagement phase, putting together all the elements, we suddenly found ourselves in isolation due to the Corona virus pandemic, now entering a different dimension of the project.


This website was created in response to the new conditions we found ourselves in as artists, as a space to reflect on the project now and in the future and as a space to  communicate with new audiences.

Meet the artists

meet the ARTISTS

DSC_0223 rt lr.jpg


Barbara is a visual artist who uses the traditional craft of crochet to engage in diverse disciplines such as mathematics, meditation, feminism and neuroscience. She creates sensory and tactile sculptures and installations designed to collide different realms and contexts.

susan edit.jpg


 Susan is a multi-disciplinary artist interested in conversations, language and communication and in questioning whose voices are heard. She makes work using social engagement, film, performance and work to camera.


Melanie is a graphic designer and visual communicator who will be supporting the project with design of publicity and information and also exploring the project theme with typography and crochet.

Meet the Scientists



Dr Sandrine Willaime-Morawek specialises in stem cells research, cells that can become any other. She wanted to take part in the project to increase her public engagement.


Dr Mariana Vargas-Caballero's field of research is neuron degeneration, what happens when the brain cells don't function properly. She is a keen crocheteer and makes crochet neurons.


Dr Katrin Deinhardt is particularly interested in what happens within a single brain cell.


Hannah Warming is a Phd student is neuroscience at the University of Southampton. Her research focuses on the effect of blood on neurons. She is a keen crafter and makes embroideries inspired by neuroscience.

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