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Detangling the Knots Exhibition at Red House Museum


We were pleased to be able to have a physical exhibition during August 2020, at Redhouse Museum in Christchurch. The exhibition featured the 'Collective Brain' installation by Barbara Touati-Evans, together with a projected film of the Remember Forget performance by Barbara and Susan Merrick, and work from Melanie Ray and workshop participants.

Watch this video slidehow tour and view the gallery below, for a sense of the exhibition.

Exhibition Gallery

Click on images to view.

Exhibition Gallery

Webinar at Bring Your Own Brain Festival 2021

The artists and scientists took part in a live webinar for the British Neuroscience Association 'Bring Your Own Brain Festival' in April 2021 which was the final event of the project. We showed the virtual tour of the exhibition, discussed the project and answered questions from viewers. You can view the hour long recording here.

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