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'Touch Cells: Remember Forget' Performance

Collaborative performance developed and filmed over Zoom by Barbara and Susan in their respective homes under UK Covid 19 lockdown conditions. The recording of this performance was projected during the Exhibition held at Redhouse Museum later in the year.

May 2020

Remember Forget
Touch Cells

'Touch Cells' Performance

City Eye, John Hansard Gallery, Southampton as part of Southampton University Human Worlds Festival

November 2019

DSC_0512 lo-res.jpg

Messages in a Bottle 

This series of images show flasks used by neuroscientists in research laboratories, containing quotes from people living with dementia and their carers, who took part in the workshops.
It is a visual exploration of the inter-relationship between the scientists' research and observations, and the personal experience of those living with dementia, which can appear very divorced from one another. Also featured in the
Exhibition which you can see more of here.

April 2020

Messages in a Bottle

Detangling the Knots - Sound and Visual Performance

Audio visual performance by Barbara Touati-Evans, Susan Merrick and Akira Sileas as part of Southampton Science Festival (SOTSEF).
April 2021

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