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Image courtesy of Hannah K Warming

'What I really like about this field of work is that not only you get to see the cells but also you get to touch them, to manipulate them.'


Dr Mariana Vargas-Caballero

Between September and November 2019, the artists spent some time with neuroscientists from the University of Southampton, visiting the labs and getting immersed in their research.

Image courtesy of Hannah K Warming

Cell images courtesy of Hannah K. Warming. Subject to copyright.

Here is a piece written by Barbara Touati-Evans reflecting on her residency:


"Since I started my project Detangling The Knots, I see neuroscience (and knots and tangles) everywhere. Even when I am reading fiction that has nothing to do with neuroscience. I have chosen to intersect the tangles observed in the brain of Alzheimer’s patients with the knots and tangles of my art practice in crochet but I find that tangles are used a lot in fiction....  read more >

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