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We'd love to hear about your experiences and thoughts or feelings in response to the project. Please send us a message via the contact page.

'If more scientists/funders/researchers were in their later years, would more/different research be done on these areas?'

Workshop Participant,
Alzheimer's Research UK
Public Day 2020

'It has been nice to feel connected to the community (of patients) as a member of staff.'

R. - Member of Staff,
Aldershot Centre for Health

'It has been lovely. I've enjoyed it all even if I can't do everything. It's been nice to get to know people. I will miss it.'

R. - Workshop Participant,

Aldershot Centre for Health

'Your work inspired my own public outreach stall! I love your idea of wool and connections between neurons. I borrowed your idea to explain the connection between neurons in the gut.'

Adina Gibbard - Phd student,
University of Portsmouth,
Exhibitor at Alzheimer's Research Uk Public Day 2020

I think the exhibition is super and is thought provoking and a challenge. The way you have linked the art work with the science is great. I also watched and listened to your post on Instagram which was very interesting. I was very pleased to be able to be part of the project.

Janet, workshop volunteer
at Red House Museum



What wonderful art has been created. I am so pleased you have manage to adapt the project to accommodate the current circumstances. The attendees look so happy and relaxed in the pictures, a feel of sharing and community.

Colette - website visitor

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